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Tired of lengthy SMS manuals to familiarise the crew ??
Presenting Revolutionary 
"Concise SMS Video Manual"

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Anchoring Procedures, Risks & Anchor Loss Prevention

Book the course now by sending an email to:, or

Whatsapp at +91-9892695080

Book the course now by sending an email to:, or

Whatsapp at +91-9892695080

Safe Mooring Operations






Learning & Competence Management System


We set up the 'Learning & Competence Management System' for the ship's staff. Our learning & competence management system incorporates a complete solution loop, starting from detailed Training Need Analysis > Relevant Content Development > Imparting Training >Assessment & then Periodic Assessment to ensure best of the class training & professional skill enhancement for the ship's officers.

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Concise SMS Video Manuals

(Simplified- Creative- Learn from anywhere)

We convert & create lengthy & complicated SMS manuals into compact & very interactive video manuals with voice-over & subtitles in the crew’s local language. They are extremely helpful for the crew in understanding company policies & procedures in an effortless way. (click on the image at right to watch the features)

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Customised Video-Based Training Programs


We design highly interactive & engaging training programs & modules as per the client's requirements for the crew & maritime professionals for the enhancement of their skills & performances.


Maritime Safety Videos


We produce customized videos using live shoot, 2D & 3D animation, rich media & the latest graphics/VFX techniques :

  • Highly Interactive & engaging videos on maritime QHSE, operations & training topics.

  • Videos on marine incident investigations for reports, case studies & training.

  • Corporate videos for the company profile.

  • Live shoot on ships for safety familiarisation.

  • Explanatory videos on technical topics or product demonstrations.




We create customized 'Learning Management Software' to cater to all the requirements of the training system. This includes:

  • Profiles Creation

  • Various Department Access

  • Selection Tests/Assessments

  • Training Matrix

  • Training Scheduling & Notifications

  • Content Uploading

  • Mentor’s Panel

  • Results & Certificate Generation

  • Chatbox

  • Live Classroom



"You need interactions amalgamated with technology to connect,

engage & train humans".

Based on this approach, we create customised training programs 

through interactive & explanatory videos, and that's what makes us

different from others!

Welcome to M+ Maritime, having the focus and vision of:


Redefining & ReshapingMaritime Training

EnhancingShip performance and,

Sharpening Skillsets of ship staff


At M+, we provide learning & competence management through:


  • Customised Learning Management System (LMS) Software.

  • Need-based" customized training programs with detailed need analysis & stringent assessment;

  • The production of highly interactive videos on maritime incidents, QHSE, Training & Operational matters.

  • Conversion of lengthy SMS manuals into "Concise SMS Video Manuals" for the effortless learning for the crew about company policies & procedures.

Our video-based programs are prepared after detailed analysis, study of errors & learnings from past incidents and, PSC/ Vetting & Audits observations - to impart practical learnings & solutions to seafarers & professionals and prepare them for all such inspections to be ‘Audit Ready’. 


These highly interactive videos are produced with the cutting edge latest graphics/VFX techniques, rich media & live shoots to provide a realistic approach & clear understanding of the topics.

We expanded our expertise with analysing marine accidents and creating videos on them for preparing reports, case studies and learning modules for training. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, M+ is led by Captain Sachin Khanna and a team of senior maritime professionals; experienced in training, audits and maritime consultancy for over several years. We are trying to change the traditional ways into more innovative & engaging futuristic methods to reshape & redefine the 'Maritime Training'. Let's connect if we can be your training partner or provide any support in your training needs.



Capt. Sachin Khanna

Founder & Managing Director



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